New website! Plus, a quick trip home.

Hello and welcome to my new website! Here you'll find all my news, some music, some videos and anything else that might take my fancy. I'll be documenting my time here in snowy Montreal but for now here's a quick catch-up on our recent visit back to England, which was filled with all sorts of musical wonders. First up was the truly inspirational concert at Cecil Sharp House celebrating the life and work of Bob Copper, Ten Thousand Times Adieu. The great and the good were all gathered, and there were too many highlights to mention. I had the great good fortune there to sing three songs with two of my favourite singing ladies, Lisa Knapp and Olivia Chaney. Here's a taste of what we got up to.

The following Friday it was off to one of my most favourite spots to play, the gorgeous Squeezebox club in Leigh-on-Sea. Adam and Amanda create one of the most welcoming spaces around, as you can see!

The next day it was time for one last gig, and we all trooped down to the Asylum on the Old Kent Road for Am I Born to Die?, an afternoon event in honour of the great Alan Lomax. The amazing line-up, including Lost Harbours, Long Pike Hollow,  Sharron Kraus and Plinth (plus a hugely fun Owl Service reunion) almost made us forget the extreme cold... almost, but not completely! Coats and scarves were worn throughout by performers and audience alike! It was a truly magical day though, not least because I got to sing with Sharron, which is always a joy. Here's a clip of my version of Babes in the Wood. Thanks for reading and see you next time!